Access Control

Electronic access control used to be the wave of the future. The future is here. Ten years ago most projects had no electronic access control. Today, more likely than not, access control, in some form, is provided on at least one exterior entrance into the facility with over 30% having more than five openings. Protection of Assets which includes people, is a paramount consideration in the project design.

Electronic Access Control (EAC) has many faces. From stand alone battery operated systems, to real time command and control software driven system, their use today is limited only by the imagination. Technologies vary from hardwired systems, wireless systems, and IT based PoE solutions. As an Assa Abloy Certified Integrator, and a Ingersoll Rand Security Center, McCarthy Inc. is positioned to help our clients and end users in protection of not only their physical assets, but more importantly their employees.

Door Hardware

Electronic Access Control door hardware is the logical progression of the conventional key. Electronic Access Control can be provided in many different methods for the user interface. This includes but is not limited to: Credentialing (ie. Cards, Fobs, Keypads), Biometrics (ie. Hand geometry readers, retinal scanners, finger print readers). These systems can be simple battery […]

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CCTV / Cameras

CCTV / Camera systems allow for visual reference for all events recorded and real time to aid in protecting assets. These systems can be designed for numerous applications tailor made meet the requirements of the end user. The systems can be stand alone or integrated into your new or existing Electronic Access Control system. IQeye […]

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System Design

McCarthy, Inc. specializes in system design and integration. We offer a wide array of electrified hardware components; locks, exit devices, electric strikes, and electromagnetic locks. The deployment methods of these devices vary and include; hardwired, wireless, and Power over Ethernet (PoE). We also offer a wide variety of head end equipment and software packages which […]

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