Architectural Hardware

McCarthy, Inc. stocks quality products from the leading manufacturers in the industry in the nation to ensure that you get the best hardware quality for a great price. Our expert team will make sure that every product you buy will be exactly what your project demands.

Locks And Latches

Choosing the right lockset for your project is critical to your facility’s security. The first step is to determine the type of lockset: cylindrical or mortise. A cylindrical lock is likely what you have on your home – the keyed cylinder is in the handle of the door. A mortise has the lock outside of the handle, typically above or below it. Mortise locksets provide superior protection due to their heavier case construction and an optional integrated deadbolt. Cylindrical locksets and deadbolts are available in heavy-duty (grade 1 commercial) and medium-duty (grade 2 commercial). Once you choose a lock type, then the trim styles, finishes and functions can be chosen.

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Door Closer

Door closers serve two important functions in your building: security and life safety. Door closers aid security by making sure that your doors, your simplest and most effective security measures, are in place. In life safety situations, closers play an important role in reliably closing and latching fire doors. This inhibits smoke and fire spreading and can make the difference when seconds count.

Exit Device

Exit devices are critical for safety. They enable your facility’s users to quickly and easily exit in the case of an emergency, while also keeping traffic moving during daily use. Exit devices are available in four primary types: rim, mortise, surface vertical rod, and concealed vertical rod. No matter what type you choose, McCarthy, Inc. offers multiple trim, function and finish options to match your facility. Exit devices can also be equipped with optional items to support your security needs.

Weather Stripping

Keep the weather out and the heat in with weather stripping. From jamb weather stripping to meeting site stiles, McCarthy, Inc. can help make each one of your facility’s openings efficient and functional.

Hinges and Pivots

McCarthy, Inc. stocks a broad selection of commercial butt hinges, continuous hinges, and pivots in both heavy weight and standard duty. We also stock items for specialty access control needs, such as electric transfer hinges.

Push, Pull, Kickplates

Protect your investment with push, pull and kickplates. These simple additions can protect your door from the wear and tear of frequent use and delay your replacement schedule by years.

Project Consulting

At McCarthy, our project management team is dedicated to making projects run on time and with an opening that works for our customers.

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